Using Reports within the CGF Body of Knowledge®

Beside the reporting services CGF Research Institute offers to promote Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) awareness within companies, that include workshops & presentations, there are additional ways the contents of the Corporate Governance Body of Knowledge® and its reports may be used within the organisation.  Some ideas you may be interested to learn about include;

  1. publish the material either in whole and / or in part on the company's intranet;
  2. populate the material within the company’s library;
  3. use the material for board meetings, strategy & risk discussions;
  4. use the material to benchmark governance, risk & compliance user group discussions; 
  5. use the material to build GRC policies; 
  6. extract contents from the material & create internal adverts for employees;
  7. attach specific areas of the material as additional responsibilities to employees’ Job Descriptions;
  8. use extracts of the material to promote the necessary awareness of the company's governance practices, risk mitigation & compliance with legislation;
  9. use governance quotes that reflect the governance ethos and practice on the reverse side of business cards & footers on letter heads and e-mail;
  10. determine a governance health-check at group & individual profile levels;
  11. use the material to assist the company to monitor & evaluate group & individual performance; and
  12. stage industrial / theatrical productions.
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